Hey ~ WOW’z Up!

WOW! WAO1 will be a decentralized social network in the future and make the world better as one!

We are dedicated to change the way how people meet others and discover the world around you in 24 hours!


There is the ‘Report’ option for you to notice any inappropriate posting (ಠ_ಠ)
There is a contact us form 😉
There will be an option of blocking for you to stay away from some irritating people 凸(-_-)凸
You just need to sign up with some basic details like name, birth date, email-id, phone number, and gender. Once you get registered with the details and password, you will be asked to enter 6 digit code which would be sent to your mobile number. By entering this number, you are ready to rock with your profile.
You will get the blue button at the bottom of home page with ‘+’ sign, by clicking on that button, you can enter the description and/or image which you want to post and then you can select the post type that is public or private and then just need to click on the post button.
If you have selected the post type as public, then your status will be appeared for 24 hours to the people from your city but if you have selected the post type as private, then your status will be there forever unless you delete yourself however, the status can be visible to your friends only.


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